Intrauterine Insemination Affordable and Personable

I'd love to help you and your partner get pregnant through intrauterine insemination (IUI). Having attended hundreds of home births as a certified nurse-midwife, I have decades of experience helping couples to safely have a baby. I also have many years of experience helping women to get pregnant with IUI. I am very gratified to help couples that need insemination to grow their families. I offer extremely affordable in-home or office based IUI's using professional guidelines and sterile technique (You don’t have to contemplate taking out a second mortgage to have insemination!) I encourage hands-on participation if desired from the woman's partner, and will do my best to make the experience intimate and personal. 

Love this quote from the article: "Lesbians inseminating their partners report feeling more empowered and connected by emptying the syringe themselves rather than watching or waiting outside while a doctor in a lab coat does it. Mead says inseminating at home was the best way to form a family that she could imagine. “I loved that Teresa was part of the entire process, just like a heterosexual couple,” Mead says. “She can really say she got me pregnant.” 

Please contact me if you are contemplating an IUI. I'd love to discuss your options and help you have a baby.