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News from Mary Barnett
and Second Nature Women’s Health Care


It has now been a year since I attended my last birth and started Second Nature! I get to sleep every night (yay!) but I do miss all the beautiful births and babies.
Now, I get to help women learn about their bodies in a different way, which I truly love. Knowledge is power, as they say. At Second Nature, I combine the same gentle midwifery care with quality modern health care to help women with a holistic health approach throughout their lives. 
I have prescriptive authority and can provide prescriptions within my scope of practice. However, I try to provide care that can avoid medication whenever possible.
For the month of July, I’m offering a 20% discount on all of my services at Second Nature! If you’ve been putting off your annual well woman exam, now’s your chance! Please print or show me this post to get the discount.  Share with female friends and family that may need my services! 
My services include:

  •  Annual women’s exams including breast & pelvic exams and paps
  • Menstrual problems
  • Menopausal symptoms
  • Vaginal and bladder issues
  • Contraceptive diaphragms, IUDs, pills, and rings
  • Remove Implanon/Nexplanons
  • Pregnancy consultations and treatment of health issues in pregnancy
  • Postpartum problems, such as recovery issues and pain
  • Breastfeeding problems, such as mastitis or low milk supply
  • Preconception pregnancy planning
  • Fertility enhancement and insemination

I have a permanent, centrally located office at 1707 West Koenig in the Rising Spiral Wellness Center.
More information can be found on my website

Call or email to make an appointment:, 512-444-4893.