Office space, name change and remodel.

On March 1, 2019, I am no longer going to be renting from Peoples Wellness Center. I will be in the same location, 4107 Medical Parkway Suite 100 Austin, TX 78756 but the suite is now called I Am Total Wellness Studios. In addition to myself and Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist Dr. Angel Treadway DPT, there will is Dr. Abby Blackburn DC, Dawn Chouman teaching Pilates/ Corealign and others. The office will be closed the first 2 weeks of March for remodeling.

You can still reach me by email and phone if you need anything while I am gone. Please make a note that the appointment phone number has changed. The new appointment number is: (512) 675-4883.

I would love to see you for your annual check up, pap, breast exam or maybe you might need something else that I can help you with. See you soon!

I have loved working in Peoples Wellness Center and truly enjoyed being associated with them I continue will to work with Peoples for prescriptions, supplements, and referrals to their practitioners. Peoples Pharmacies are my favorite pharmacies!

Intrauterine Insemination Affordable and Personable

I'd love to help you and your partner get pregnant through intrauterine insemination (IUI). Having attended hundreds of home births as a certified nurse-midwife, I have decades of experience helping couples to safely have a baby. I also have many years of experience helping women to get pregnant with IUI. I am very gratified to help couples that need insemination to grow their families. I offer extremely affordable in-home or office based IUI's using professional guidelines and sterile technique (You don’t have to contemplate taking out a second mortgage to have insemination!) I encourage hands-on participation if desired from the woman's partner, and will do my best to make the experience intimate and personal. 

Love this quote from the article: "Lesbians inseminating their partners report feeling more empowered and connected by emptying the syringe themselves rather than watching or waiting outside while a doctor in a lab coat does it. Mead says inseminating at home was the best way to form a family that she could imagine. “I loved that Teresa was part of the entire process, just like a heterosexual couple,” Mead says. “She can really say she got me pregnant.” 

Please contact me if you are contemplating an IUI. I'd love to discuss your options and help you have a baby.

News & July Discount

News from Mary Barnett
and Second Nature Women’s Health Care


It has now been a year since I attended my last birth and started Second Nature! I get to sleep every night (yay!) but I do miss all the beautiful births and babies.
Now, I get to help women learn about their bodies in a different way, which I truly love. Knowledge is power, as they say. At Second Nature, I combine the same gentle midwifery care with quality modern health care to help women with a holistic health approach throughout their lives. 
I have prescriptive authority and can provide prescriptions within my scope of practice. However, I try to provide care that can avoid medication whenever possible.
For the month of July, I’m offering a 20% discount on all of my services at Second Nature! If you’ve been putting off your annual well woman exam, now’s your chance! Please print or show me this post to get the discount.  Share with female friends and family that may need my services! 
My services include:

  •  Annual women’s exams including breast & pelvic exams and paps
  • Menstrual problems
  • Menopausal symptoms
  • Vaginal and bladder issues
  • Contraceptive diaphragms, IUDs, pills, and rings
  • Remove Implanon/Nexplanons
  • Pregnancy consultations and treatment of health issues in pregnancy
  • Postpartum problems, such as recovery issues and pain
  • Breastfeeding problems, such as mastitis or low milk supply
  • Preconception pregnancy planning
  • Fertility enhancement and insemination

I have a permanent, centrally located office at 1707 West Koenig in the Rising Spiral Wellness Center.
More information can be found on my website

Call or email to make an appointment:, 512-444-4893.


Party Success & $500 to Mothers Milk Bank Austin

Together, we donated over $500 to Mother's Milk Bank at Austin!

Cold weather, warm hearts

Thank you to all of my clients, friends and family who came to party or sent emails and cards.
The event was on a windy, wet cold day but you all warmed my heart with you love.
I am happy to report that the event raised more than $500 in donations for the Mothers' Milk Bank at Austin. If anyone at the party wished to give a donation but wasn't able to, you can donate at this link:
Donations of human milk by a breastfeeding mom make a life-saving gift for a premature or seriously ill baby that needs human milk. Please tell others that have a new baby to consider making a donation of their milk, if possible.

Please email or post to facebook any pictures that you took!

Lots of love,
Mary Barnett

Mary Barnett Gives Birth!!

...To a New Practice
Sunday November 16th, 2014 from 4-7pm

Come celebrate Mary's retirement from home birth and launch of her new women's health care practice, Second Nature Women's Health Care. Please bring a donation for the Mothers' Milk Bank at Austin (preferably cash ;) ).

The Party will be at
Radio Coffee & Beer
4204 Manchaca Rd.
Austin, TX 78704

Radio is kid-friendly with a grassy and fenced-in yard. Bring a blanket and a folding chair just in case.
Parking is limited at Radio but you may park at the Fortview Center parking lot:
1825 Fortview Rd., 1/2 block from Radio

4:00pm - Staci Gray
Austin's Favorite Children's Musician
5:00pm - The Love Leighs
Girls with Ukuleles and a Vaudevillian Flair
I have been honored to participate in the care of thousands of women and their babies. I hope to see you and your family to celebrate. For my colleagues and coworkers, I can't wait to see you and party! For my friends and family, thanks for your support of me on my journey and I want to share the celebration with you all!

Mary Margaret Barnett

What about the Contraceptive Diaphragm?

One of the oldest methods of birth control disappeared quietly from American pharmacies in 2014. Now health care professionals can only order the diaphragm from Cooper Surgical, causing delays and hassle for women.

For decades, the diaphragm was THE contraceptive option for women. But today, many think the diaphragm is old school and outdated. I consider the diaphragm “vintage” and a valuable option deserving contemporary consideration.

Before the pill, the diaphragm was the only prescription birth control method.
This was before the women’s movement, before most women were able to take charge of themselves in marriage and sexual relations. Effective use of the diaphragm requires a woman to learn about her body and become knowledgeable & comfortable with her vagina and cervix.

One of the truly most important accomplishments of the women’s movement of the 1960-1970’s was the growing awareness by women that they could be in control of the lives and their bodies. The diaphragm is a method for women in control of themselves and their sexual behavior.

Other’s opinions
Tracey Koehlmoos wrote: Whatever happened to the diaphragm?
“When I went to my American nurse practitioner in Jakarta, she laughed at me for wanting the birth control of the last Millennium and then notified me that she does not even have the tools to measure for one and order it……What has happened to the women’s movement…. (Why is it) that every advocated form of birth control in family planning programs has become body altering and long lasting?”

Tracey asked for women and professionals to reconsider the diaphragm because there are no hormones, it’s not permanent, and women are in control of it! The diaphragm is one of the few methods that have the potential to empower women (and men) by requiring negotiation, consent and action. 

Elizabeth Kissling wrote in Where’d the Diaphragm Disappear To? June 24, 2010
“...nearly four of every ten women who use contraceptives are not satisfied with their method, and I hear frequently from young women that they’re pressured at college health centers and physicians’ offices to choose hormonal methods.” (and IUDs)  

Yes, hormonal methods/the pill and IUDs are very effective, but they are not for everyone. 

My Story
I used a diaphragm for 15 years. In college, I started the birth control pill but got recurrent yeast infections and cried almost every day I took the pill. As a naïve young woman, I was attracted to the IUD that was popular at the time, the Dalkon Shield, but was later very glad I didn’t use it. When I went to get fitted for the diaphragm at the University of Texas Health Center, Dr. June Richardson said “You’ll just get pregnant because you won’t use it!”

The challenge was on. I used it correctly and never had an unplanned pregnancy using the diaphragm. My yeast infections went away and I stopped crying every day. Problem solved!

I stopped using it after my third baby was born because my vaginal architecture changed and it pressed on my bladder and bothered me. I started using a Prentiff Cervical Cap. That too has been discontinued in the United States, which is another story entirely!

Efficacy and Usage
If used correctly every single time, the diaphragm is 97% effective, comparable to condoms in efficacy. Many health professionals quote the “use” effectiveness of the diaphragm which is about 84%. This includes cases in which the diaphragm is not used correctly, so the number is not truly accurate. Women hear or read about the “use” effectiveness and are scared off.  

The diaphragm is not perfect. The spermicide is a little messy and doesn’t taste good.  Some women experience disruptions to their friendly vaginal bacteria from the spermicide.

While a great option for many, women who are not in control of their lives due to substance abuse, lack of information, and disempowering relationships should not use the diaphragm.

The diaphragm requires a healthcare professional: doctor, nurse etc. to fit the diaphragm. It must be put in the vagina before intercourse with spermicidal jelly, and left in place for 6 hours after intercourse. Normally neither partner should feel anything different.

If you happen to be in Europe, you can get a Caya Diaphragm without a prescription, but you can’t get it in the United States.